A Brief Introduction

These may be some of the strangest creatures I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. They are a bit like dogs trapped in cat bodies. For one cat that would be odd, for both of them is just baffling. Anyways, on to a break down of these fine creatures.

Fat Cat

Alias: fatty, “the good one”, the princess, fatty mcgee


  • laying around
  • laying on laps until legs die
  • hiding under things
  • eating
  • cat nip
  • string, ribbon, yarn
  • the humidifier (when the water gurgles)
  • bags, purses, boxes
  • chewing on dress shoes & expensive purses


  • loud noises
  • other animals of all kinds (even afraid of birds in the window)
  • new people


Little Cat

Alias: little one, broken


  • chewing on everything
  • plants (of any kind)
  • exploring
  • meeting new people that may pet her
  • watching work be done on the laptop
  • crying for attention
  • being brushed
  • licking the window when it steams up


  • not being the center of attention